Planting the Basics of Sound Therapy Training

Planting the Basics of Sound Therapy Training’s time to surrender to the magic of sound! We are delighted to invite you to our 4-day sound bath workshop, which promises a unique journey through sound, meditation and spiritual well-being. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in sound, but of course also for yoga teachers who want to incorporate sound into their yoga classes, with the aim of showing you how to design and play a 60-minute sound bath.

Together with my sound partner Nurten Askeran, teacher for “Kundalini and Sound Yoga”, we will offer this workshop from March 8 to 11, 2024 in Mallorca.

Sonic Seeds, Planting the Basics of Sound

In this workshop you will learn deepen your understanding of sound and it’s impact on your wellbeing!
Connect with community and learn through shared experience.
Develop full body listening skills.
Learn how to hold safe and healing space for yourself and others.
Tune in to your intuition and discover your voice as a practitioner.
You will be able to facilitate one-on-one and group guided experiences after this training.
No instruments or previous experiences required.