Start Events - Women’s Network Mallorca Cava & Sushi Abend – **AKTUALISIERT!**




19:00 - 23:00


35,00 €


Nur für Mitglieder

Cava & Sushi Abend – **AKTUALISIERT!**

Many of you have already registered for the Cava & Sushi event at Sendai Sushi in Arta!

We initially had 29 seats available, but don’t worry, we’ll make some extra arrangements to accommodate the 31 people who have signed up. Dominic and I are really excited to welcome all of you!

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, I will personally make sure that Dominic receives the payment in advance for his amazing sushi skills. This way, he can go out and get the freshest ingredients for your dining pleasure.

For just 35 euros per person, you will get to experience Dominic’s incredible sushi creations. And as a delightful bonus, there will be a mouthwatering Tiramisu dessert waiting for you!

To secure your spot, please make the payment in advance and before January 9th. Also, could you kindly share the names of the people you are making the payment for? Thank you!

We want to make this evening truly memorable, filled with delicious sushi, refreshing Cava, and wonderful company!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly on my personal number:
Marianne, via WhatsApp at +31 6 163 63 251.

Please note that this event is an introduction to Dominic’s Sushi and not an Unlimited Sushi & Cava experience. However, if this first night is a success, we will definitely consider organizing another event in the near future where we can go all out!

Best wishes,

Payment Details

Marianne de Kuijper
N26 Online Bank
DE29100110012620019441 (iban)
NTSBDEB1 (bic)

Or feel free to use my PayPal to confirm your Sushi & Cava booking.

P. S. Ignore the old business name. is now


Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.